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Pediatric Center of Vidy

The Vidy Pediatric Center is a multidisciplinary center specialized in the care of children from 0 to 18 years old.

A team of pediatric health professionals offers comprehensive care for your children in a welcoming and equipped facility.

Our pediatric pole includes a pediatric emergency center associated with general and specialized pediatric consultations.

Pediatric emergencies

We welcome all children aged 0 to 16 years for general pediatrics, surgery and traumatology,
without an appointment.

General Pediatrics

General pediatricians provide comprehensive health care for your children throughout their development from birth to age 18.

Specialized pediatrics

Pediatric specialists receive children and adolescents from 0 to 20 years of age by appointment for a specialized opinion and at the request of your attending physician.

For pediatric surgery, direct requests from parents are also accepted.

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Our center benefits from a standard radiology service with the possibility of performing flattened immobilizations.


The Vidy-Ortho SA orthopedic workshop and store provides you with all types of orthopedic equipment, whether prefabricated or custom-made.


The medical center benefits from a laboratory that can perform a wide range of biological analyses, in collaboration with the laboratory of the La Source clinic.

Modern premises

A close collaboration between the pediatricians of the different disciplines ensures that the children receive optimal care in clear, welcoming and well-equipped premises.


Pediatric Emergency Center
Route de Chavannes 11
1007 Lausanne

General and specialized pediatric practice
Route de Chavannes 9
1007 Lausanne